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Hotels and Hospitality

Optimize operations and create a personalized guest experience with industry-specific solutions from Comcast Business.

Providing outstanding, technology-driven hospitality experience

Reimagine capabilities and resources to position yourself as a leader in the hospitality industry. More businesses are looking to enhance services by taking a more thoughtful approach to guest experiences. Comcast offers solutions that help you achieve this valuable business objective.

Protect guest data and your assets

Implement cybersecurity attacks that target highly sensitive guest information

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Managed Security

Managed Security offerings can protect your systems and other IT assets from being the targets of malicious attacks.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

DDoS Mitigation

Maintain network uptime and availability by detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks with specially designed strategies.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Managed Router

Let experts install, configure, and manage network devices with Comcast’s smart Managed Router solutions.

Accelerate service delivery and improve efficiency across multiple touchpoints

Comcast offers multiple technology solutions that help optimize both front and back-of-house operations

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Meet the connectivity demands of the modern customer

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

X1 for Hospitality

All the entertainment your guests need is available on a single integrated platform. X1 for Business is intuitive to use and comes with a convenient Voice Remote.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Managed WiFi

Create separate WiFi networks for your guest and staff. The WiFi management portal tracks usage to provide useful, data-driven insights.