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Cox Dedicated Internet Solutions

Get dedicated internet connectivity that bypasses Internet traffic and gives optimal connection speeds. Dedicated Internet is a robust enterprise-grade service that helps you get, and stay, ahead of your competition.

  • Fast, stable connectivity to maximize business operations
  • Symmetrical download/upload speeds up to 100 Gbps
  • An optimal solution for large enterprises with high-demand network needs
  • Higher bandwidth capacity for simultaneous usage by a large workforce
  • Customized network design and configurations to ensure performance efficiency
  • Ensures business continuity and recovery during unexpected network outages/failures
  • Round the clock proactive network status and performance monitoring
  • Quick resolution of detected issues with 24/7 technical support staff


Dedicated Internet Solution Features and Advantages

Why Choose Fiber Internet Connectivity for your Business

Cox’s Dedicated Internet services are fully monitored and provide high-capacity bandwidth to your business. This network links all of your office locations using advanced fiber connections.

  • Consistent and secure connectivity for your entire business
  • Fully customized network design that optimizes network performance
  • Enterprise portal that helps monitor network performance
  • Automatic network failover functionality
  • Avoid unexpected downtime and network congestion
  • Managed Router services with advanced security

Cox Dedicated Business Internet Installation

Cox professional technicians will assess your business connectivity needs and create a customized installation plan. Next, a tailored installation process is initiated, and your connectivity is activated to ensure complete, stable coverage.

Tailored Professional Installation for your Business

Cox Dedicated Internet—An Overview of Technical Stats