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Customized, Convenient Security Systems from Cox Business

Protect your business with cost-effective business security and surveillance solutions. Cox Business security experts will consult with you and recommend a solution tailored for your needs.
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Intrusion Detection Plans

Cox offers three different services to meet your unique needs: Small Business Internet, Fiber Internet, and Dedicated Internet Access. Your connection also includes a powerful security suite and tools to help safeguard valuable business data. Get in touch with a network expert to customize your services and design a unique connectivity solution for your business.

Business Intrusion Detection System

Get a comprehensive intrusion detection system powered by innovative features. Cox Business Intrusion Detection offers 24/7 professional monitoring and easy management using an intuitive web portal and mobile app. Remote access is also available, and data-driven insights can help optimize security strategy. Minimize the risk of intrusions and protect your assets with Cox Business.

Security is not a one size fit solution. Cox Business believes in customizing systems for every client. Consult with an expert today for a security needs assessment.

Cox Advanced Business Video Surveillance

Monitor your premises from anywhere, any time. Video surveillance works as a high-tech window into your daily operations. Keep an eye on your premises and get the confidence that your locations are safe and secure.

  • Install up to 32 business-grade monitoring cameras
  • Video data is stored on-premises and on the cloud
  • Text and video alerts are automatically set up

Business Video Surveillance Systems Capabilities

  • Redundant video storage (on-premises and in the cloud)
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Easily search stored video surveillance files
  • Customize camera views
  • Watch live video feeds
  • Supports a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 32 cameras
  • Receive alerts via email and text
  • Networking equipment is included in the plan
  • Access the system via mobile app or the web portal

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