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Product Capabilities

Enable bandwidth expansion, provide direct optimal access to cloud-based applications, and enable virtual service integration in cloud and on premise while dramatically improving operational automation.


Performance & Reliablity


Network of Clouds


Virtual Services


Automation & Orchestrator


VMware SD-WAN Dynamic Multipath Optimization

Aggregate broadband Internet, 4G-LTE, and MPLS circuits with application-aware per-packet link steering and on-demand remediation to achieve optimal performance for demanding, real-time voice and video over any transport.


Bandwidth Elasticity

Economically increase bandwidth by aggregating WAN circuits of any type, providing faster response even for single application flows. Enable bandwidth elasticity and provider flexibility with virtualization and automated configuration.


Enterprise Reliability

Active mechanism based on-link performance provides protection against blackouts and brownouts with sub-second failover. Ensure high availability with provider and physical link diversity.


Cloud Application Quality

Direct yet optimized branch-to-cloud application performance is enabled with the SD-WAN overlay to distribute gateway services throughout the cloud.


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Enterprise Solutions

Rapidly, seamlessly, and economically expand your wide area network.VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud enables you to support application growth, network agility and simplified branch implementations while delivering optimized access to cloud datacenters and applications.

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VMware SD-WAN Architecture

VMware SD-WAN provides a transport independent secure overlay enabling the use of broadband Internet with or without traditional MPLS, a cloud network for access to both enterprise and cloud applications, and a business-driven orchestration layer for automation and virtual services insertion.

SD-WAN Architecture

Pay-As-You-Grow Subscription Pricing

Increase your bandwidth per dollar, deploy in minutes, reduce expense, and manage your IT budget better.


Up to 30x More Bandwidth per Dollar

Whether you choose to augment your existing MPLS with Internet or replace it altogether with Enterprise-grade Internet, VMware SD-WAN increases your bandwidth per dollar by 10-30 times without additional capital expense. Expand your WAN in phases, control costs, and manage capacity and performance on-demand with no risk.


10 Times Faster Deployments

Deploy VMware SD-WAN in minutes instead of days or weeks with zero IT touch. No more truck rolls to branches to upgrade or replace WAN devices when bandwidth needs to be increased. Eliminate the cost of specialized IT at every branch to manage the WAN network.


7 Times Total Cost Reduction

Reduce branch capital expense and do away with single-purpose firewalls, VPN devices, WAN optimization and more. Throw away multiple network management consoles with a single orchestration and management platform. Reduce troubleshooting time and accelerate time to resolution.

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