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Verizon LTE Business Internet
Reliable fixed wireless connectivity that helps your business stay ahead of the competition. Designed to work for all business sizes and also supports additional temporary locations such as mobile locations/remote work sites.
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • No annual service contracts
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Ideal as a primary or backup connection
  • 99% of the U.S. population covered
Verizon’s 5G Business Internet service meets your need for ultra-fast internet.
LTE Business Internet Use Cases
Verizon LTE helps your business stay connected with reliable wireless connectivity. Easy to set up and install even at remote locations with plug-and-play internet.
Home Office
Empower your remote/hybrid workforce with secure, reliable internet connectivity.
Small Businesses
Plug-and-play connectivity that is easy to set up and meets the needs of your small business
Rural/Remote Work Sites
Connect remote/rural sites with fast Verizon LTE internet.
Backup Connectivity
Use as a backup or failover connection to stay up and running during unexpected internet disruptions.
Temporary/Mobile Work Sites
A connection that goes where you go, keep temporary sites connected and operating smoothly.
Verizon LTE Business Internet Plans
Verizon’s support specialists are ready to assist you with troubleshooting and any other questions. In addition, dedicated teams are available 24/7 for technical and customer support.
Verizon Enterprise Center Help Desk US and Canada—(Mon – Fri 9 AM – 6 PM ET)
Customer Learning Portal
Verizon Enterprise Center on AppStore and Google Play