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Google Chrome™ Extension For net2phone’s PBX Phone System

net2phone’s Google Chrome™ extension turns your browser into a phone dialer. Instantly place calls from within your browser without having to switch out to another program.


Net2phone Extension

Download from Chrome Web Store

Download and install the net2phone extension, net2phone Click to Call, from Google Chrome™ official Chrome Web Store. Once installed, you can easily place calls using the handy dialer.

No Additional Hardware

Access to this extension is completely complimentary. No hidden charges are added to your account or using this extension. Once you register for a net2phone account, you will automatically get access to this extension as part of your unified communications solutions.

Calling Pad


You can easily access your call history and place calls without leaving the page you are viewing in your browser.

Dial Pad

You can access the dial menu by clicking on a button on your browser’s toolbar. The dialing pad appears as a popup on your screen allowing you to quickly make calls whenever you want.



You can quickly call any user whose number is saved in the click-to-call menu. Without losing any data shown on your browser. Net2phone has video tutorials available in case you need help with this feature.

Desk Phone

To provide more seamless functionality, you can use click-to-call and transition over to your desk phone without any interruption.

Call Log Options

Outbound Calling

You can access all the numbers from the net2phone PBX phone system. This gives you the flexibility to choose a particular number you wish to call from. These calls, can be made from different departments, various team members, and more at your discretion.


net2phone also allows you to access your voicemails through the net2phone chrome extensions. Simply click and listen to your voicemails.