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Optimum Business Internet Provides Secure High-Speed Solutions to Keep Your Business Running
Get connected to the best internet for your business

Optimum Business Internet Plans


Optimum Business Internet Bundle

Optimum Business can be bundled with phone and basic TV. Get a secure connection with cyber-security built-in to each plan.

Business Pro WiFi

A better WiFi solution for your customers and your business
More Than Your Average Business WiFi
Marketing Engine with Customer Insights
Customize your network login screen with your unique business branding and what information is collected when a user signs on.
Separate Guest and Private WiFi
Offer complimentary WiFi to customers and guests while keeping your business on a separate private network.
Manage Everything in One Place
Manage WiFi, connected devices, content filtering, branding, reporting and more all in the PRO WiFi portal.
Made for Any Size Business
Flexible with up to 4 access points to fit any location size to ensure the strongest possible signal.

How Optimum Business Secures Your Internet

Security is Optimum’s number one priority. With cybersecurity built-in, you have the peace of mind your business is protected. Keep your business protected 24/7/365 with Optimum.

DDoS Security

Proactive Detection: The DDoS security system is actively detecting any potential threats to your network.
Prompt Mitigation: Proactive monitoring
Ongoing Insights: Stay informed with a monthly report that highlights the volume of attacks they’ve stopped across networks.

DNS Security

Built-in DNS, Domain Name System, Security Protection. DNS security ensures site validity and allows for safe browsing.
Top Internet Threat Prevention: Stop phishing and malware infections early and prevent data exfiltration.
Automatically Blocks Malicious Sites: Sites that are determined to be malicious will be presented as a “block page” if you attempt to access one.

McAfee Anti-Virus Protection

Content Management: Monitor online activities including instant messages monitoring
Privacy Protection: Data encryption and digital file shredding to keep your information secure.
Device Protection: Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-phishing, and firewall protection for your internet connections.